Giving Back To Our Community

Golden Borealis Donates A Portion Of Every Litter

We promise to donate a portion of every puppy's proceeds, to help other pets in need.
We try to be an example to breeders everywhere, to show that working together can help everyone.


Jackson Veterinary Clinic

We will donate a portion, to Jackson Veterinary Services. The money will go towards adding new medical features to their clinic, to help better the pets they serve; and it will go toward paying for an emergency visit, that someone might not be able to afford. We like to help our community and do everything we can to give back.
Donations will be made in Golden Borealis' name.

Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center

We will donate to the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center because we believe that good breeders and shelters should work together. That money goes toward any needs the dogs might have; and it also goes towards paying for animals adoption fees.
Donations are made in Golden Borealis' name.

Pet Rescues

We will also donate any unused bags of puppy food, and blankets, toys, etc. to local animal rescues to help them with their dogs, and to bring a little extra comfort into their lives.

Donations are made in Golden Borealis' name.

If you are a rescue in Arizona, and are interested in being on our list for donations; please contact us. 

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